I am a 23 year old British actor from Hull, East Yorkshire. I’d say acting has always made me feel useful. I’m glad to be representing my hometown of Kingston Upon Hull this year, as it is city of culture for 2017

Currently being based in Copenhagen, I am having a ball working with so many internationals, the thrill of being out of my comfort zone on a daily basis is having an enlightening effect on me, in my training and in being in a foreign land.


Behind Me.

Anthony-         Fjölnir Gislason
Babette-           Henna Holländer
Erdoğan-         Daniel Høi Nielsen
Svea-                Una Kovac
Pierre-             Christopher Alexander
Chloe-              Sara Skei
The Whistler- Lia Tomat
Simone-          Giulia Rumasuglia

Anthony is a Swedish Music Student living in Rouen, France. He has a fine life when the world undergoes a complete financial collapse, total anarchy ensues. He finds himself hiding in a basement underneath his university building with a handful of his loved ones and a couple of strangers.

His fellows who have been hiding in the cellar for several weeks, surviving on pilfered supplies from a near supermarket are Erdoğan, his Turkish boyfriend studying biology at The University of Rouen, Svea his sister who was visiting from Sweden at the time of worldwide collapse, also Babette his university lecturer who has her sixteen year old son Pierre with her. Pierre had a fling with one of Babettes twenty eight year old students, and friend of Anthony’s, Chloe, from England, and she had a baby boy just before the anarchy began. Only Chloe is sure that Pierre is the father, Pierre is unsure and terrified of his mother finding out.

Svea is fifteen and has taken a shine to Pierre, she is also very tolerant of Simone, a forty two year old Francophone Belgian nun with a mysterious past, Simone is disapproving of Anthony and Erdoğan’s relationship. The final character is a girl of around nine, she relentlessly behaves aggressively towards the group and was therefore shut outside the building, she never speaks but often whistles which earned her the name ‘Whistler’ from the group. She shows particular interest in the baby and Sebastian seems to be her only motivation to get near the group. This piece is from the point of view of The Whistler, she has managed to find a way into the building, with a phone, she takes two selfies before stalking the group, following wherever the baby goes.