Giulia Maria (CH)

About my scene


Lia Tomat: Masha
Christopher Alexander: Anthony
Giulia Maria: Voice

Giulia, 24, from Switzerland and Italy.

Interested in building bridges between languages and cultures through performing arts.

WORD-TRIP - from your screen to your ear via Moscow

We travel through borders: from a country to another, from a language to another, from a story to another, from a body to another.
Words have their own borders. WORD-TRIP is an exploration of the journey on which images and words might take us, where their paths meet and get apart. Through the story of Masha and Anthony, it is the role of projections that is questioned, as well as the space in between what is showed and said, the space in our mind, which creates its own narrative.
It’s a glimpse of the power of evocation and the possibility to lose oneself in the confusion of words, languages and stories.

Красная площадь

Bon voyage