Henna Holländer (FIN)

Henna Holländer, 27 year old actress from Rovaniemi, a city situated on the Arctic Circle in Finland. My mother tongue is Finnish but as most of the Finns I speak also Swedish and English.

The Story


Anthony – Fjölnir Gíslason
Reindeer – Henna Holländer

Director of Photography
Vilhelm Neto

In my story, we meet Anthony, a Swedish man in his thirties at his breaking point, he has decided to end his life.
Anthony had a promising career as a surgeon in Southern Sweden, at the University Hospital of Gothenburg but made a fatal mistake in surgery and a patient, a young woman, died. Therefore, Anthony was forced to move back to his hometown Arjeplog and receive a position as a municipality doctor. On his way back to Arjeplog, Anthony ran over a reindeer.
Ever since the accident happened, Anthony has been followed everywhere by a reindeer called Rudolf. We could call them friends, as they have conversations every now and then and are around each other all the time. Anthony is the only one who sees Rudolf, the reindeer is a creation of his imagination, himself, his patient who died, the haunting memories of his childhood and the reindeer who he ran over.
The scene, ‘Reindeer’, takes place after a workday when Anthony has had it and decides that there is no way out of his situation. He goes to a warehouse to hang himself and is, naturally, followed by Rudolf.