Una Kovac (HUN)

I’m a 19 years old acting student from Hungary currently studying in Copenhagen. I’m bilingual in Serbian and Hungarian:)

Have you ever had a crazy day?


Cocaine Kid

A really, really crazy one?

A day so crazy everyone is going to have a different version about what happened?

Film Director

Vilhelm Neto

These people did

Who are you going to believe?


You see my mother thought me to help whenever and whoever I can. As I was walking down the street I noticed a beautiful girl standing next to a car. She was skanning the street with her eyes as if she was looking for something. Like a voice from behind I heard my mom telling me: Anthony get your ass there and help that girl now! Don’t make me count till three ONE TWO. I had to shake my head a bit to get the voice out of my head as I was crossing the street to help the girl. Unfortunately before I could even approach her and old wrinkly hand grabbed my wrist and pulled me in the car that was standing next to her. As I fell on the floor somebody smacked my left eye with a wooden spatula “Be still but hole face”. I mean what a lovely welcoming. From pure curiosity I looked up to see who could this lovely person be. That’s how I met “The Madam” a 70+ lady wearing a leopard fur coat with lips coloured ping matching her nail polish. As I attempted to sit up I felt a light pumping on my leg. It turned out it was a chihuava which found the love of his life in my leg. You know there are situations in your life where you are so shocked by the events that you can’t really say anything. So I set next to this pimp with my left eye on it’s way to blindness and thought ” Just a casual Monday morning”


Fucking Monday mornings and it’s Murphy rules! I just wanted to drop off Lola on her spot, to work of course and then head off to the vet since my little precious princess Priscilla swallowed a pack of Viagra last night. But nooo life can’t be easy. A moron parked on MY sport and he even did it badly (hello paralel parking is not the end of the world). No surprise a cop wanted to fine him. Unfortunately Lola was more attractive so he approached her instead. I had to do what a pimp has to do. I noticed this butt hole looking guy standing next to my car so I grabbed and pulled him in to the car, making sure that the cop sees me so Lola can run away. I had to hit the butt hole guy with my wooden spatula just to make sure he is quite. I stepped on the gas and you won’t believe which moron crashed into my car on the next zebra?!


As I was parking my car I saw this two though looking guys approaching a teenager on the street just next to me. They looked very angry. A voice from behind told me that I have to do something so I jumped out of my car and rushed to them. “Can I help you gentlemans?” They both turned towards me leaving room for the kid to run away. “Do we look like we need help?” replied one of them “That’s right cupcake tell him” cheered the other “Buttercup leave this to me”. At this point the kid was already gone “No of course not, have a nice day”. I hurried to my car before they could realize what happened and stepped on the gas. To my worst luck the kid was unexpectedly crossing the street so I stepped on the brake, pulled the wheel and crushed into the car standing next to me.